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If you’ve been dreaming of having shaped windows in your home or office, there’s no better time than now to make your dreams come true. Shaped windows are a unique and beautiful way to add light and style to any space, and they’re becoming increasingly popular in new construction and remodeling projects. You may have already seen shaped windows in Baltimore or Harford County, Maryland.
Are you looking for unique types of windows and window installation services in Harford County, Maryland, or nearby areas? We specialize in custom windows and doors, including shaped windows, at Windows Marvel. We can help you choose the perfect window style and design for your home or office, and we’ll make sure it’s installed correctly. Contact us today at 410.314.4382 to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.

What Are Shaped Windows?

Shaped windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These windows can be arched, circular, octagonal, oval, or even heart-shaped. However, two of the most common designs of these windows are arched and circular. These windows can be used as a focal point in a room or as an accent to complement other windows and doors. Shaped window frames are usually made of wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Depending on your needs, windows like this can be either fixed or operable.

An arch window is a type of shaped window that’s characterized by its arched top. Arch windows are often used as accent pieces or as part of a larger window design, such as a bay window. However, you can also use them on their own. Arch windows come in a variety of sizes and styles.

A circular window is a type of shaped window characterized by its round shape. Otherwise, it’s similar to an arch window. Circular windows are also often used as accent pieces or as part of a larger window design. They can also be used independently and come in various sizes and styles.

Are Shaped Windows and Specialty Shape Windows the Same?

No, shaped windows and specialty shape windows are technically not the same. Shaped windows are a type of window you can customize to fit your needs. Specialty shape windows are a type of window that’s already been pre-made in a specific shape. However, most people use “shaped windows” and “specialty shape windows” interchangeably.
Customizations made to shaped windows can include alterations to their shape, size, frame material, and even the type of glass used. On the other hand, specialty shape windows are already pre-made to make your decision easier. When installing a specialty shape window, you can only choose which style you want and where to place it in your home or office.

Why Should You Use a Shaped Window in Your Home or Office?

The benefits of using shaped windows in your home or office include:

  • Better views: Shaped windows can provide you with better views. Whether you’re looking out over a beautiful landscape or simply want to enjoy the view from your office, shaped windows can give you a better vantage point.
  • Increased curb appeal: If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home or office, shaped windows are a great option. These windows can make your space more eye-catching and inviting.
  • Increased natural light: Shaped windows are a great way to let in more natural light, reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, and save money on your energy bill.
  • Unique style: Shaped windows can add a touch of uniqueness and style to any space. They’re a great way to add more character to a room.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your new home or office or simply looking for a window to be installed in your space, shaped windows are a great option.

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