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Why Choose Picture Windows?

Why Choose Picture Windows?

Why choose picture windows? Because of the natural light they bring into a home, picture windows are popular with homeowners. Picture window installation in Maryland can make your home more beautiful, helping you take advantage of your surroundings through unobstructed views. But the aesthetic value isn’t the only benefit of picture windows in Maryland. They can also improve your home’s energy efficiency and provide a passive solar heat source. Call 410.314.4382 to learn more about picture windows in Maryland.

What Are Picture Windows? 

As you might guess, picture windows give you a broad “picture” of the outside world. They are large windows with single panes, often used to highlight the architecture in a home. The single-pane structure makes picture windows in Maryland similar to the frames of paintings. Picture windows are stationary, meaning they don’t open or close. 

Benefits of Picture Windows: Expansive Views 

Picture windows are large and lack sashes—instead, they have clear panes of glass that give extensive views. Not only can picture windows in Maryland give your wall a tremendous outdoor viewing landscape, but they can also make a room feel larger than it is. If you have a fantastic panoramic view outside your home, picture windows help you show it off.

Abundant Natural Sunlight 

Picture window benefits include the potential to transform a room into a sunroom. Because of their large glass panes, picture windows can maximize the outdoor light you get indoors. Multiple picture windows can even be combined to create a “window wall,” letting natural illumination fill your home.

Beyond improving the way your house looks inside, natural light from picture windows in Maryland offers many other proven bonuses. Natural light can: 

  • Boost your mood and decrease stress
  • Give you the Vitamin D your body needs 
  • Improve your sleep-wake cycle by regulating your circadian rhythm
  • Help manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other conditions

So can picture windows positively affect your overall health and happiness? It’s possible. 

Excellent Energy Performance 

More outside light in the home means you won’t rely on electric lights as often, which will lower your energy bills. An even better energy-saving benefit of picture windows in Maryland is that they don’t open or close but are sealed with an airtight frame. As a result, air can’t escape in or out of the windows. Less leaking air means better insulation, a more comfortable home temperature, and less overall energy consumption. 

Another picture window benefit is the passive source of heating provided by the sun through the window. Sunlight will help keep your house warm and cozy in the colder months at no extra cost. 

How Window Marvel Helps Maryland Homeowners

Let us help you make your home picture-perfect. At Window Marvel, we offer four industry-leading, customizable options for picture windows in Maryland. With each style, you can choose your frame material, including aluminum, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. 

Our Aspect picture windows come with welded frames, interior glazing, direct-set glass, and other features that offer maximum efficiency and beauty at a budget-conscious price. Picture windows in our Endure line provide similar features, as well as Neopor® Insulation. The ecoLite line, an environmentally friendly choice, combines insulated glass and sloped sills with a quality welded frame for picture windows. And picture windows in our Aeris line come with European formulation vinyl and a choice between oak, cherry, or maple hardwood interiors. 

Get Your Picture Windows in Maryland from Window Marvel 

No matter which style you choose, a picture window will give you an unbeatable combination of natural light, energy savings, and improved home value. To learn more about how picture windows can enhance your home, contact Window Marvel today at 410.314.4382.