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Why Choose Double-Hung Windows?

Why Choose Double-Hung Windows?

Windows are an essential part of any home. They let in light and fresh air and can provide a view of the outside world. When it comes to choosing windows, there are many different options available. If you’re in the middle of a remodeling or new construction project, you may want to consider the benefits of double-hung windows.

At Window Marvel, our experienced staff can help you choose the right windows for your home. We offer a variety of window styles, including double-hung windows, in Maryland. They are a popular choice for many homeowners because double-hung window benefits are indisputable. Call 410.314.4382 today to learn more about double-hung windows in Maryland and to get a free quote.

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are a type of window that has two sashes, or panels, that open and close. “Double-hung” means that both sashes are hung on the window’s frame by rollers. The sashes are placed vertically, one on top of the other. The bottom sash opens upward, while the top sash opens downward. You can open each sash independently of the other, which provides good ventilation. Double-hung windows also have a tilt feature, which allows you to clean the outside of the window from inside your home.

Double-hung windows have been around for centuries and were once the most popular type of window. In recent years, they have been overshadowed by other styles of windows, such as:

  • Awning windows
  • Bay and bow windows
  • Casement windows
  • Picture windows

While other styles of windows may be more popular, double-hung windows still have many advantages. Double-hung windows are making a comeback in popularity because of their many benefits.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

There are several benefits that double-hung windows can offer.

Good Ventilation

Why choose double-hung windows? As mentioned earlier, they provide good ventilation. Because you can open both sashes, you can control the amount of airflow into your home. This is especially useful in the spring and fall when you want to let in a refreshing breeze but don’t want to open the window all the way.

In addition, because the sashes open independently, you can ventilate your home even if one of the sashes is obstructed. For example, if furniture is placed in front of the window, you can still open the top sash to let in air.

Double-hung windows are an excellent choice for bedrooms and kitchens, where good ventilation is essential.

Easy to Clean

One benefit is that they are easy to clean. Because both sashes open, you can clean the inside and outside of the window from inside your home. This is impossible with other window styles, such as single-hung windows, where only the bottom sash opens.

Improved Home Energy Efficiency

Another benefit of double-hung windows is that they can improve your home’s energy efficiency. In the summer, you can open the top sash to let the hot air out and the bottom sash to let in the cool air. In the winter, you can do the reverse to keep warm air in and cold air out. By properly using your double-hung windows, you can reduce your energy bills.

Increases Curb Appeal

Finally, double-hung windows can also add to the value of your home. If you are considering selling your home in the future, potential buyers will be impressed by the fact that you have double-hung windows. They are seen as a sign of quality and sophistication.

Learn More About Window Marvel’s Products and Services in Maryland

Why choose double-hung windows? As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider double-hung windows for your home. If you are interested in learning more about double-hung windows or other types of windows, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 410.314.4382. Our experienced team would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about our products or services.

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