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Why Choose Casement Windows?

Why Choose Casement Windows?

Why choose casement windows? These windows are durable, convenient, and secure. But those aren’t their only benefits—casement window installation in Maryland can also bring extra style and comfort to your home. Consider casement windows if you’re looking for a window that gives you excellent ventilation and airflow and helps you save money on energy bills in warm and cold months. Call 410.314.4382 to speak with someone from the Window Marvel team about your window type and finish options for your residential construction project.

What Are Casement Windows? 

Casement windows open outward vertically like a door opens. You can open and close them quickly by turning a crank mechanism. They are attached to a frame by hinges on the side, which enables them to open outward. Simply rotate the crank and give yourself access to the outdoors. Interior latches allow you to close the window tightly against the frame, for the casement window benefit of extra security. 

Maximum Airflow and Ventilation

One of the several benefits of casement windows is that they give your home as much airflow as possible. They open top to bottom and side to side at once, catching breezes and filling your home with natural light. Unlike some other windows, you can open casement windows all the way. This allows for more generous airflow. 

Because of the angles of casement windows, they can function like sails on a sailboat, “funneling” in the air. 

Ventilation provides other bonuses. Choosing casement windows with a screen is an ideal way to let in fresh air from the outside while keeping flying bugs from entering the home. For homeowners in urban or high-density areas with neighbors close by, casement window benefits include extra ventilation that can be difficult to achieve otherwise. The angles allow casement windows to catch breezes, even in tightly packed spaces. 

Tight Seals for Energy Efficiency 

Like most homeowners, you want to save money on heating and cooling costs. Environmental efficiency is a significant benefit of casement windows. Their sashes seal against the frame when you close and lock the windows. This seal locks in all four sides of the window and fastens the window sash securely to the weather stripping. The design prevents air from entering in or leaking out – trapping warmth in the home during the cooler months and keeping the home cool during the warmer months. They are a perfect choice for windy climates. 

Casement windows are the rare type of window that helps you regulate your home’s temperature while letting you open and close the window when you choose. 

Easy to Operate and Maintain 

Many features of casement windows make them low-maintenance, easy additions to the home. 

  • They have simple opening and closing latches, which require less work to open and close than other window types 
  • They can be fitted for automatic openers 
  • They can be placed in locations that are tricky to reach, like behind furniture or sinks, and opened and shut with a hand crank 

On top of these features that make them low maintenance, they are also easy to clean since they only have a single pane of glass. They are resistant to chips, cracks, and fading, too. 

Extra Security and Safety 

Because casement windows close entirely on all sides, they make it challenging for someone to enter and break into the home from outside. Even if the glass is broken, the window won’t open fully because of the crank mechanism. If secure windows are a priority in your home, casement windows will give you peace of mind. 

Another safety benefit of casement windows is that they are relatively easy to open and crawl outside of from within the home. Casement windows provide a potential exit if you need to escape the house in case of a fire or other emergency. 

Get Your Casement Windows in Maryland from Window Marvel 

Choose from several innovative, industry-leading styles of casement windows in Maryland at Window Marvel. Our casement windows come with a washability hinge, so it’s easy to keep the insides and outsides of the windows clean. These windows also have a discreet, simple-to-use folding handle. Casement windows are available in our Endure, Aeris, and Aspect styles. Each style has customizable features, like insulation and sash reinforcements, that you can add to your windows. And every option comes at a reasonable price, especially the budget-friendly Aspect line. 

Safeguard and beautify your home with casement windows. Contact Window Marvel today at 410.314.4382 to find out more.