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Why Choose Awning Windows?

Why Choose Awning Windows?

Why choose awning windows? Ideal for small, high spaces in the home, awning windows are simple, energy-efficient, and allow for a maximum combination of ventilation and privacy. Awning window installation in Maryland can add these windows on their own or combine them with other window styles. Either way, they are a valuable addition to your home. Call 410.314.4382 to learn more about the benefits of awning windows and how they can improve your residential construction project in Maryland.

What Are Awning Windows? 

Awning windows have a hinge at the top and open outwards from the bottom into an awning-style structure. When open, the sash provides a roof-like cover, similar to an awning, that offers shade and weather protection. One benefit of awning windows is that they open at a 45-degree angle, providing just the right amount of ventilation on warm and cold days. These windows are simple to open and close by using a crank handle. 

Awning Window Benefits in High Spaces 

Awning windows in Maryland are the best choices for windows that fit in high spaces in the home, including: 

  • Above a counter 
  • Above a sink 
  • Above a door
  • In first-floor rooms, where they can easily be accessed for cleaning
  • In spaces wider than they are tall 
  • In locations with high wind, since they are less prone to wind 
  • In tiny homes, where awning window styles give you more options for vertical window placement
  • At heights above your reach, where awning windows can be opened easily with a rod

Typically, awning windows are used in bathrooms, too—for increased ventilation and privacy.

Additional Ventilation and Privacy 

Awning windows in Maryland can be locked in an open position. This means you can leave a window open to maximize ventilation while staying secure in your home—the windows can remain open without anyone seeing through them. Because awning windows are placed so high on the wall, they provide valuable ventilation and natural light without sacrificing privacy. 

Awning window benefits are also ideal for any space that could use a little extra fresh air. The windows open outward, allowing natural air and light to circulate through the home. High window placement has the bonus of helping you maximize additional wall space. 

Energy Efficiency: Another Benefit of Awning Windows 

To improve energy efficiency in your home, you can’t do much better than awning windows. These windows open and close with a simple crank mechanism that provides an air-tight insulation seal when it is closed. The seal gives your windows extra efficiency and helps maintain internal temperatures the way you want them. Even better, you’ll save money on heating and cooling bills. 

Use in Combination with Other Window Types

Awning windows work well on their own or stacked on top of one another. They also fit beautifully next to other styles of windows – such as picture windows, casement windows, bay windows, and more – or as part of a window installation. They can improve a view or add necessary ventilation and airflow to a space. 

Because awning windows come in a wide range of sizes, they can fit in many places in the home whether or not they are grouped with other windows. 

Get Your Awning Windows in Maryland from Window Marvel 

We offer a diverse selection of awning windows to fit your home’s style and needs. Our budget-friendly, top-quality Aspect windows are some of the best choices you can make if energy efficiency is a priority. Their insulated glass reduces air and water infiltration and is constructed to meet strict industry standards. The windows come with triple weatherstripping for maximum comfort and beauty. Other options include our ENERGY STAR® certified Endure vinyl windows, with insulated glass and thermal reinforcements to keep your home cozy in all weather. Get the rustic, elegant look of wood interiors with our Aeris windows, which include oak, maple, and cherry wood. And our ecoLite vinyl windows come with a tested insulated glass system, dual weatherstripping, and a unique frame and sash design. Multiple trim options help these windows match your home’s aesthetic. 

Awning windows in Maryland can improve any home. Contact Window Marvel today at 410.314.4382 to learn how they can improve yours.

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